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    Eathral is Crumbling... what can you do to save it?

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The planet is going to die...

Can you save it?

Ethral needs your help

TwilightStar: Heart of Eir has been under development for the last 2 years. The goal is to create a game that gives the player ample opportunity to interact with the world of Eathral whilst staying true to what we love about the straight forward design of old-school games. 

We’re aiming to stay on par with the kind of 90s jRPGs that most of us classical game lovers remember for their beautiful musical compositions and great story lines. We really want to capture the freedom drawn from players having the opportunity to explore an expansive world map; even bringing back the use of turn-based battle strategy. 

That isn’t to say contemporary games haven’t done some things well though, so as well as introducing newer mechanics like establishing unique benefits that relate to world interaction – for example granting the player access to special locations and weapons based off of the selected Stryah affinity of their characters, our magic system (the Stryah,) pools it’s baseline from traditional jRPG.

We also really wanted to push the boundaries of the relationship that magical powers have to both our players and the entire functioning of the Eathral world. So with a new name, detached from the magic and magicks of its predecessors we figured a new face would really help us shape it into something new whilst also staying true to its jRPG roots. 

In general terms that’s our mission; to combine what we enjoyed about two fantastic eras of gaming into something new and exciting all on its own.

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