Development Update: It’s all about Eir!

Development Update: It’s all about Eir!
To say that character development and design has come a long way for the team in recent months, is an understatement.
We’ve always had a very clear vision for the appearance of our main characters; especially so for Eir. One issue we’ve come across with previous builds has been making sure that our initial designs then translate into Unreal Engine. Hair texture and the effect that in-game lighting has, have both had a big effect on the reason her build has changed so much.
Our priority is to achieve something that not only looks great visually, but also accurately captures who Eir is, right down to the glint in her eyes and wear of her clothes. So you’ll forgive us if we’ve been a collection of perfectionists.

A major factor in the leap forward with our character development involves our use of Reallusion software. We’ve been working with their development suite, including: iClone, CharacterCreator3, Iray, and more to develop our main characters and unique NPC’s.
We’d like to take a second to shout a big thank you to the Reallusion team, for making such great software and being so helpful and supportive throughout our development journey. Reallusion is perfect for game dev. projects for studios of all shapes and sizes! We here at DragonClaw Studios are a small, international team – so the software has been a really helpful addition to our game building arsenal.
Check out Reallusion here:
Below is a fully rendered snapshot of Eir Tiore. Let us know what you think!
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