New Website

New Website

Everyone please bare with us while we are getting our new site up and running. We have now rebuilt the site 4 times…. I know that sounds a little odd, however things over here at DragonClaw just keep heating up more and more.

This is good thing though. If you have been following the development of TwilightStar over the last year and a half, then you will know just how much the game have improved in its mechanics, Graphics and optimization. Just over 6 months ago the game required a 1050ti and low graphics to run at Low….. (Thats insane). As of today the game now runs on High settings with a 760. Yup! Thats right!!! A graphics card that is over 5 years old can now run Twilight Star. We still have some issues that we are working out but nothing major.

Now you have to be thinking…. this is public. Why are we being told all this. Well the truth is, we want to be transparent about everything. Issues, Progress, Bugs, and well… just the truth about everything. We don’t want to hide anything (but the story) from our followers and supporters. We have had quite the journey so far and we learned that too much is kept quiet and too many developers don’t talk with the audience. So here we are folks! Posting articles and Streaming the development. Here is something for you guys to take a look at! What do you think about Dashley’s Work?!

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