Kickstarter Rewards… what would you want?

Kickstarter Rewards… what would you want?

As some of you may know, we are developing our KickStarter Page. We tried to get it out before October however so many massive improvements have been occuring month over month, we have to keep rebuilding the Kickstarter with all the new material, artwork and trailers. Sam has been hard at work on a few new trailers and videos and we Dashley on Concept Artwork after he recently finished our entirely new Awesome UI. Here is a little Sample of what Dash has been working on:


Which Leads me into the next part of the post. What kinds of things would you guys like to see in our KickStarter for rewards? We have things like:

  • Potion Packs
  • Special Weapons
  • Special Outfits for the Characters
  • Special Card Game Backs
  • How about physically printing the cards from the card game, to play with your friends?
  • Building Packs (Contain special decor for your HomeWorld Level where you can Free build a village and invite NPC’s.
  • Experience Packs
  • Stryah Gem Currency Packs

What Things do you like? Which dont you like? What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!!! Dont forget to subscribe.

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