TwilightStar: Heart of Eir – 30/09/2019 (Alpha) Patch Notes

TwilightStar: Heart of Eir – 30/09/2019 (Alpha) Patch Notes
September 30, 2019 No Comments Uncategorized dcsadmin

  • Added quest “A Lords Folly” in Dawnhold
  • – Added the quest “Explore Dawnhold” in Dawnhold
  • – Fixed Quest advancement Issues for Dungeon
  • – Designed and created 50% of the zone known as “The Ruins of Melandrocore”
  • – Landscape rework in places surrounding the The Ruins of Melandrocore in Dawnhold
  • – Added a horse just after “The Ruins of Melandrocore” In order for people testing the alpha to get around quicker and easier to explore the land
  • – Blocked access to the forgotten keep via quest condition
  • – Streamed in areas functional in Dawnhold
  • – Added New Battle Trading Card Game (Can play in Homaran across the bridge)
  • – Revamp of the entire World Map and creation of the Official Eathralian World Map
  • – Added the Caves
  • – Road to Dawnhold
  • – Added the Town of Dawnhold (Alpha Access)
  • – Slowed Down the NPCs to a walking speed and occasionally fast walking/running
  • – Adjusted Battle Enemy AI and fixed some collision issues
  • – 43 other small bugs and fixes…

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