DragonClaw Studios began as a humble team of Modders for Games like Dark and Light, ARK Survival Evolved and Skyrim. We all met through these amazing titles where we began working as a team. James ported his mods to other popular games and the team learned to work together. DragonClaw Modding began working with other teams in the industry and slowly that flame hidden within all of us on the team starting to glow just a little brighter. Our passions for game development were coming to life many of us wanting to develop our whole lives and never given the chance. This is the roots of DragonClaw Studios and the heart of where we come from as a team. We owe every fateful interaction by chance through these games and the communication technologies that we still use and work with today. DragonClaw Studios wouldn’t be here were it not for the DragonClaw Modding Team!


Check our our Mods Website here: http://www.dragonclawmodding.com