DCS Team Members

DragonClaw Studios is composed of an international team. We occupy ten different countries across nine different time-zones. While some might think this creates a challenge in maintaining communication and consistent workflow, we use this to our advantage: creating a sustainable 24/7 development culture.

So, whose on the team? The best and brightest of course. And even better? We’re also super fun. Each day, we come to work to play games and make games. We believe in innovation, and take pride in attempt to deliver on our promise to bring the next best game to the market. We hope you will love what we’ve got in store for you.

Jessy Schriver

Sr. Developer and CEO

USA - East Coast

 Schiver is one of the original founders of DragonClaw Studios. He began his game development career modding for games like ARK: Survival Evolved and Dark & Light. While working closely with the developers of Dark & Light, Schriver became acquainted with like-minded individuals who eventually formed the original development team; initially dubbed DragonClaw Modding. Soon after, they set out to begin producing their own game. 

 After a year of dedication and almost seven hundred hours of development, Schriver’s devotion to his passion project was revised and restructured into the version currently being developed for release;  TwilightStar: Heart of Eir.

Peter Cague

Modeling and Level Design

New Zealand

 Since the 1980’s Peter Cague has been involved in the early computing scene, teaching young adults and children how to build computers and install their own operating systems. With a love for The Elder Scrolls franchise and early modding programs for the Morrowind installment, Peter has been experimenting with game engines and modelling for aforementioned and similar franchises since the rise in popularity of the RPG format. 

 Peter is one of our senior designers and modellers responsible for map, object, character and level building. His work is integral to the game development process and ensures that our aspirations for TwilightStar: Heart of Eir take physical form in-game.

Tanner Ellis

VFX Artist

USA - Central

Tanner Ellis has always been fascinated with the immersive nature of the RPG genre. After purchasing a copy of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind in his youth, Ellis became enraptured with the idea of being able to create games for himself.

 Ellis is one of the earliest members of DragonClaw, and is a fundamental member of the team. As such, Ellis’ essential development of the core mechanics and features of TwilightStar: Heart of Eir keep the game functioning, ensuring that the TwilightStar experience is as interactive and fulfilling as possible. 

Lyhm Bell

Concept and Art Designer


Lyhm is a self-taught 2D artist from Naples, Italy. Originally a hobbyist traditional artist, she transitioned to digital art in 2016 and began making illustrations for YouTube videos in 2017. From there, she developed an interest in game art, and is currently working as a concept artist and illustrator on TwilightStar.

Sam Russell

Sr. Producer and DCS Owner

UK - Wales

Russell initially joined the team as head of marketing, but driven by his interest in game development after playing games like World of Warcraft, Dragon Age and Witcher 3, he has gone on to participate in key responsibilities surrounding level and character design, game engine optimisation, and continues to maintain our social channels and extended community presence.

Russell is an integral piece in the DCS puzzle, and we would surely crumble without his input and guidance.

Nick Reynolds

Asst. Developer

USA- Central

Nick is a US Miliary veteran where he gained incredible team building and leadership skills. He is one of the main developers of TwilightStar and composes a lot of the Level Design programming.

Diana Finley

3D Modeling

UK - Wales

Diana is one of our more recent members. She is currently studying for her Masters in 3D Design and Game Design. Hailing from a small town in Northern Nevada, fine art was the only class she could take to satisfy her need to be creative. She found her love of Environment 3D Modelling during her time at the University.

Luc Moser

3D Artist and Texture Designer


 Luc is Great!

Michail Litvinov



 With a passion for games shaped by the likes of Deus Ex and Dishonored, Michail fell in love with the RPG genre at a very young age. Inspired by his passion for the immersive nature of video games, Michail thought of creating his own and began to experiment with Unreal Engine.

 Eventually, his engagement with like-minded game development communities online led him to DragonClaw Studios. His role with the studio involves implementing various game mechanics within the coded blueprints of TwilightStar: Heart of Eir; his role is essential to ensuring that it functions effectively.

James McKenzie

Sr. Programmer and DCS Owner

USA - West Coast

 Beginning his IT career in 1984, McKenzie’s interest in MUD gaming systems quickly followed. Driven by his compulsive need to perfect and improve, his career has been fundamentally shaped by his interest in problem solving. 

 After working on LPMUD projects, and transitioning into modding for ARK:Survival Evolved McKenzie came into contact with Schriver when asked to port one of his mods into the game, Dark & Light. His extensive knowledge of the computing field means that McKenzie’s consultant status is instrumental to TwilightStar: Heart of Eir’s success. He is also responsible for ensuring that we integrate with external processing systems successfully.

Briony Appleton

Head Writer & Editor


 Briony Appleton came to the studio a year into production, and acts as the editor and head writer for TwilightStar: Heart of Eir. Focusing on script, narrative continuity and the overall plot of the game - she shapes the characters, their motivations, constructs dialogue and shapes the lore and history of Eathral. 

 After completing her BA in Drama Studies and her MA in Creative Writing, her passion for words naturally carried her into the editorial profession. Driven by her interest in the quality plotting of her favourite immersive RPG games like the Final Fantasy series, Appleton’s passion and drive lends itself naturally to the game production environment.

Dashley van Balen

Lead Artist

Dashley is a video editor & camera man and attained his diploma in that field. Throughout his education in this profession, he taught himself to draw and continued with 2d animation. Later he began learning 3D art in Blender. Dashley specializes in 2D UI design and complex shading.

Karam Bharj

Musical Composition

UK - London

Karam is an incredibly Passionate and dedicated Musical Composer. He joined the DCS Team last year and has since created many wonderful masterpieces for the project TwilightStar.