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Introducing the rpg you have been waiting for since 1999...

Our premiere title, Heart of Eir, is the reincarnation of many classic '90s RPGs and jRPGs. Our aim is to pay homage to the classics by infusing them with mechanics of today.

Active turn based Battles

Move around in battle and use the field to your advantage to dodge attacks and pick up items all while remaining turn-based strategy.

Build your own town

Invite NPC's to your own town to assist in your journies and custom build your own house much like modern surivival games. Mechanics seen in games like Suikoden

Open World & Linear Story

Our goal is to create a linear strong and deeply emotional storyline, but still allow open-world Exploration and side questing

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Heart of Eir Synopsis

Eathral is crumbling.

The Stryah crystals that shine like starlight, imbuing the planet with mystical and powerful magicks are turning black, and pockets of chaos are sprouting all across the continent. But in the reclusive village of Homaran, a tentative peace is sustained amongst its people. Eir lives simply with her father; her life plain but fulfilling. Until he is brutally murdered at the hands of the Caelki, a dark sect who live in service to disorder and the worship of an insatiable god, long since forgotten to legend.

With her closest companion, Kira, at her heel and a mysterious book written in a language she does not understand, Eir sets out on a quest to find answers that will reshape her destiny and change everything she knows about who she thought she was. Taking refuge in the hands of her allies and the ancestral power that roots itself deeper within her than even she knows, Eir must learn to wield the power of the stars in this tale of magical discovery, betrayal, and adventure.

Features of the Game

Weather and Time

Dynamic sky with a day & night cycle and weather

Vast Kingdoms

Side Quests can be anywhere

Stryah Affinity

You as the player make the decision how to align  your characters. Those decisions effect your very interaction with the world

Open World

Explore Everywhere and find new roads. The maps are open and filled with adventure

Multiplayer Card Game

Thats right, you read that correctly. Introducing a Multiplayer card game in a Single Player game as a minigame.

Weapons Upgrades

Learn how to Stryah Forge and infuse your weapons with essence of Stryah Crystals to align your characters Magickal Affinity

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