TwilightStar: Arcadia Media & Content Creator Press Kit. If you need anything custom, please get in touch with us.

Press Kit

TwilightStar: Arcadia

TwilightStar: Arcadia is a magic-heavy, open-world survival game that features expansive and diverse economies, an array of factions with different specializations. With varied ecosystems that have individual benefits to creatures with strengths and weaknesses depending on the ecosystem, armor tiers, and more.

As for creatures that are tamed, each animal will have unique combat and defense abilities but at the same time, strengths and weaknesses in regards to other creatures and the terrain & ecosystem they are in, at any given point.

There is no set class with specific benefits from the start in terms of combat, which would alter the nature of survival games. The idea behind the selection of combat style in the game is to utilize the three core combat types; melee, magic, and ranged.
Instead of just going with one, that would be the ‘meta’ of the game. Having a dynamic choice system relating to the three core combat types allows for player control depending on their playstyle. This would be a separate ‘knowledge tree’ that only affects combat playstyles and abilities. The core combat tree would have the player’s ability to overlap the varying disciplines to create a combat style suited to them and their playstyle.

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DragonClaw Studios is composed of an international team. We occupy nine different countries across eight different time-zones. While some might think this creates a challenge in maintaining communication and consistent workflow, we use this to our advantage: creating a sustainable 24/7 development culture.

We believe in innovation, and take pride in an attempt to deliver on our promise to bring the next best game to the market. Our roots come from the love of modding games like Skyrim, ARK Survival and Dark and Light. Since then we have come quite a long way and decided to take our skills and create something new and unique from them.

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